The Keto Diet for Women Specifically

Dine Out on Keto with Confidence!

In order to be successful with a ketogenic lifestyle, you have to be able to LIVE YOUR LIFE for long lasting results! This digital download provides tips on how to order while dining out, how to manage dinner parties and guides to the most keto-friendly options at more than 15 popular restaurants!


Hi! I’m Lolita and created Ketology after struggling for years with hormonal changes and weight gain. After having two children and as I got older, I found managing my weight and moods became more and more of a struggle. As with many, I’d heard of the Keto diet and so many success stories – and decided to give it a shot!

Within three months, I not only shed 25 pounds of stubborn fat, but my mood improved, my focus sharpened and I have had nothing but positive effects! THREE YEARS IN, I'VE LOST 55 POUNDS AND HAVE MAINTAINED THAT WEIGHT AND FAT LOSS FOR OVER A YEAR. And, literally people tell me all day that I've reversed the clock and look like I'm in my 30s...when I'll be 48 years young in January!


Here’s the thing though – there’s a LOT of misinformation, often unhealthy and dangerous information – about Ketosis, the Ketogenic lifestyle and how to properly maintain health with it. A self-proclaimed nerd, I poured myself into the science of Ketosis and specifically why it is such an important way of life for women, especially women approaching or over 40 years old. I've put together science-backed health, nutrition and lifestyle tips, hacks and recipes that worked for me and literally thousands of others. Join us now!


Dine out with confidence and maintain your fat loss!

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