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Download this 30-page book with all the basics of starting to lose fat and feel your best following a keto-based lifestyle with special hacks for women over 40. Over 10,000 women have gotten started with this guide which includes how to calculate your macros, the top foods to keep you satisfied and for losing fat, a shopping guide, and 7-day starter menu!

  • What Is Keto? There's a lot of misinformation out there about what a keto diet really is - we break it down simply to get you started.

  • Grocery Essentials - What to Stock Your Kitchen with for Success

  • Science! Without getting too geeky, The Ketology Guide helps you really understand how this diet works so you can lose the fat and maintain the loss.

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As we approach and enter our 40s and beyond, our hormonal changes can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds -- not just with weight gain or trouble losing weight, but also in our moods and skin and hair changes. Ketology is a fat-blasting keto diet combined with keto-friendly foods known to also reverse the aging process. 

​"I tried every possible diet out there over the years and nothing worked PERMANENTLY. Sure, I lost weight in the past, but then inevitably it always crept back on. This book not only got me started on doing keto correctly, but I've lost 40 pounds and am still losing about 2 pounds a week six months in! I'll be at my goal weight by Fall!"